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I'm an undergradute studying for a BS in Computer Science looking to become a software engineer. There's so many aspects of this field that it is hard for me to pick just one to strive for. My personal time normally consists of researching new topics that interest me and learning everything I can about it. Throughout my life I've always loved to learn which pushes me to try new things and take on challanges. I've taught myself a lot by creating an idea for a project that I want to make, and then researching how it's done.

While I have taken classes on Web Design, I first taught myself almost everything I know because I thought it was interesting. For example, this website is the product of teaching myself a combination of HTML, Javascript, and the tools to use them such as NodeJS, Express, Pug, Git, and many more. All of these things I've taught myself far before I was formally introduced to them in my classes. My goal as a developer is to be able to take on any project and learn how to get it done, and do it correctly.

Aside from my future career, I also enjoy being a content creator online. For years I've been active on YouTube and Twitch, but more recently I've decided to take Twitch more seriously. While it's not what I want to do for a profession, I still really enjoy playing games live and interacting with viewers every so often.


As an undergraduate student I am trained in all necessary aspects of Computer Science ranging from basic hardware to advanced algorithm analysis and design. I'm trained in C++, C, HTML, Shell, and Javascript through my classes, and I'm familiar with Python, Bash, Powershell, Batch, and Java from work and personal projects. Currenly, I am at a Junior standing and have completed most of the required classes for my degree. All details about my degree can be found on my college's website.

Beyond the classroom I have had the opportunity to participate in the ACM programming competition as a hand-selected competetor. In my sophomore year one of my professors approached me about the competition as he believed I would be a perfect fit for their team. I had never done a competition before, but he recognized my work in the classroom and thought I had what they needed. At the competition I was placed on a team of three students, including myself, who had never participated in a competition before. Our team was the only one that hadn't competed before and we ended up placing third in our region. This experience taught me a lot about working in a collaborative programming team, even though it was relatively small.

Currently I work for IT Support Services on my campus where I am an Assistant Lab Services Coordinator. Myself and my manager are responsilbe for over 50 laptop and desktop comptuer labs running Windows totaling about one thousand machines. Personally, I write automation scripts and tools that make us more efficient in our work as well as deploying computers to customers on campus. I've listed one of the projects I've made at work below in my Projects section titled "DBIOSD" and all the code for it is listed on GitHub, also linked below. My past work experience and other descriptions of my roles are also available on my LinkedIn page.


Source code for most of my projects are available over on GitHub. Most of my projects are for fun and to teach myself more about a specific topic, such as this website. I also make small tools like DBIOSD for automation of more tedious tasks.

My main goal for all of my projects is to learn more about the languages and tools that I'm using. With my website I first made it in strictly HTML as I taught myself the basics. Then I moved to a NodeJS version running with Express and learned the basics of Javascript and HTMl templating with Pug. Now on my third iteration I've expanded on that base knowledge and incorperated new elements like Fomantic for styling and a better understanding of Pug for HTML templating.

Each of my projects has gone through revisions and updates as I continue to learn more about the resources I'm using. I strive to learn new things with each project and I thrive on finding new and better ways to impliment features. I wasn't totally happy with the last version of my website a few months after I finished it because I had learned more and felt I could do better. Redoing a project is one of my favorite things to do because it means I've learned enough to make it better than it previously was.

RetroJect on GitHub

DBD (Dell BIOS Downloader) is a command line tool for downloading the latest BIOS files for Dell computers
My personal website
A music streaming app for Subsonic-API-compatible servers
A Streamdeck plugin that connects to the Musicbee Remote plugin
A Flutter Application for managing your collection of 3D printed items
A web app that allows for easy searching and downloading of Minecraft mods.
A web application for finding and distributing Minecraft mods.
A web application for finding on-going, or soon-to-start group activities in your local area.
LFG - A group finding platform for tabletop and video games
LFG - A group finding platform for tabletop and video games

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